Our Team


Glenn Cantave, FOUNDER & CEO 

Glenn studied Government with a concentration in International Politics at Wesleyan University.  He is currently working as a canvasser for Anne Swern's campaign for Brooklyn district attorney.  An activist at heart, Glenn was one of the head field organizers for the 2014 People's Climate March.  In college he was heavily involved in student government where he headed a team to create a film to promote the Affordable Care Act to local communities and canvassed in the central Connecticut area.  

Outside of work, Glenn is the Creator and Executive Producer of We the People, a 360 docuseries that intends humanize the resistance movement and convey the creative ways in which people are engaging in activism.  So far we've had the chance to speak with influential resistors like Faiz Shakir, National Political Director of the ACLU, Todd Stern, Chief negotiator for the United States at the 2015 United Nations Climate Conference, and Steve Lucin, Founder/CEO of the Support Creativity Scholarship (as well as one of his scholarship recipients). We also covered Charlottesville protests, and had the pleasure of interviewing Don Gathers, Chair of the Charlottesville Blue Ribbon Commission that decided to remove the confederate statues.


Idris Brewster, CTO

Idris is a creative techonologist, from Brooklyn, NY.  He works for Google, as a Computer Science Instructor for Code Next, an incubator that strives to provide computer science and engineering education for black and brown youth. As a creative technologist Idris spends the majority of his time focusing on blending his work in social activism and virtual reality/augmented reality. Idris's other passions include hip-hop production and filmmaking! Recently, he was the subject of the documentary, "American Promise" winner of the Special Jury Award at the Sundance Film Festival.



David Rodriguez is an artist, designer, community builder, and DJ based out of Queens, NYC. As an artist, David is inspired by love and the earth. Allowing him to project his imagination in multiple mediums whether it be on a canvas or a photo. As a designer, David has used his multidisciplinary knowledge to professionally assist various startups and entrepreneurs. Giving them the opportunity to conceptualize ideas and communicate as clear as possible. When it comes to being a community builder, David makes his skills and time available to Support Creativity, Movers & Shakers and any platform where creating a voice to neglected issues is key to his service. Lastly, as a dj (Veecio) David has set out on a new and exciting passion where he's able to express himself through music. This unique platform has given David the opportunity to reach individuals and enable them to create the world of positivity we're all in search of.



Bob Civil is a trans muliti-disiplinary artist and designer devoted to deconstructing oppressive social structures through art and action.  

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Miami-born and recent California resident, I’m known for not staying in the same city for more than 3 years. Whether it’s the unforgiving prophecy of my Sagittarius birthday or my underlying need to find where I belong: if there’s an adventure to be had, I’ll be holding the map.

Photography is the only medium I have stuck to. The ability of telling stories with light and some pieces of glass never fails to amuse me. If someone told me I'd like photography as much as I do I would've picked up a camera sooner.

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Justin is a New York based animator and designer. He says that he has trouble deciding how to spend my time so I try to find time for a little bit of everything. Athletics, music, travel and literature;  inspiration could be hiding in any one of them. He tries not to brood too much but really like the arts whether its motion design, playing guitar or screenwriting. Besides being an astronaut or an astrophysicist ....his job's pretty great.

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Raised in the South Bronx by a single parent and graduating from Wesleyan University as a Government and African American Studies Double Major and a Data Analysis Minor,  Sadasia is no stranger to hard work. Her life so far has been dedicated to uplifting communities-- be it at her university, in the South Bronx, or with her immediate family. She has rigorously studied the impact of colonialism on communities of color and has undoubtedly seen its direct impact in her own neighborhood. This is what inspires her on a daily basis. Sadasia is using her skill set in contextualizing, strategizing, and analyzing business needs at Google as an internal consultant. She also uses this skill set to  help her incredible friends on their own creative and social enterprises.


Kandace, Ferguson-Merritt, COMMUNITY ORGANIZER

Kandace is currently majoring in Criminal Justice, with a minor in Environmental Justice, at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and will graduate with her bachelors/masters in Fall 2018.  She is an elementary school science and engineering teacher, who implements and connects the importance of culture and social justice with science. She is also an Activity Specialist, with Henry Street Settlement, when she leads cooking and dance workshops, the importance of health and education, and manages social media campaigns. Kandace has been rallying behindyouth work, education, and social justice, for ten plus years. She has led various workshops, fundraisers, and activist rallies that discussed the importance of such this as gun violence awareness, the importance of access to affordable and healthy food. She has mentoredmore than 100 students from middle school to college.

Kandace has always been about passion, determination, and never taking no for answer. She is the Executive Director of the The Table Talk Project, which is a weekly YouTube mini series, that allows students from around the New York City area.  The Table Talk Project is a platform that empowers students to reconnect their minds, through stimulating conversations, about race and culture. Kandace has been dancing since she was 7 and has been teaching dance for almost 8 years. She teaches multicultural dance, and use dance as a ways to display powerfulmessages of oppression, pain, and passion. In 2012, she worked with the United Nations, as an intern, to discuss & strategize ways , to uplift, our urban communities, which have been constantly abandoned by the government. In September 2017, Kandace will be releasing her official podcast, 'BOXED IN', which will give her and other people in her community another voice, in the world of lost voices.

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Jordan Sellers, WEB DESIGN

Jordan is an independent tech consultant, helping businesses of all shapes and sizes with their web design, e-comm, ERP, SEO, and [*insert-acronym-here*] needs.