Interactive Art Exhibition



Movers & Shakers is working on a multifaceted plan to inform the public of the atrocities that Columbus committed.  We are in the process of organizing an interactive art exhibit that we are looking to feature in galleries, museums and public spaces throughout the 5 boroughs.  The exhibits will showcase paintings, prints, photos, projected videos, 360 videos, virtual reality experiences, augmented reality experiences and a plethora of interactive art.  The focus of the exhibits will be on human rights and genocide.

The real world visual art will focus on the themes of oppression, resistance, and triumph in indigenous communities throughout North America.  We are going to utilize virtual reality art galleries to create immersive spaces to view certain paintings.  Our plan is to 3D scan several paintings into the virtual gallery and curate music/sounds that our team deems appropriate to accompany the pieces. We will also create a narration that the user can hear as they navigate the gallery.  


The exhibit will also feature a virtual reality animation of the true story of Christopher Columbus.  The animation will be based on in information that our research team has gathered through interviews with community organizations, professors, and their independent investigations.  The animation will feature:

  1. A graphic of the land bridge between Alaska and Russia that our continent’s first inhabitants crossed 70,000 years ago

  2. Images of explorers who came to the Americas from other continents before Columbus did

  3. Graphics of basic aspects pre-Columbian of Taino life

  4. Visuals of the pathogens that the Europeans brought to the Americas

  5. An explanation of Columbus’ governorship and his harsher policies

  6. Animations of Columbus in Jail

  7. A final shot of dead Tainos

360 Video

We will also be displaying 360 videos that chronicle the experiences of people who survived different genocides.  Our message is that although the circumstances and experiences may vary, at its core unnecessary human suffering transcends ethnicity.  It is felt everywhere.  We are talking to survivors of genocides including but not limited to the Darfur genocide, the Holocaust, Bosnia and Armenia as well as Taino people. We will show footage of them in a room together comparing experiences.  Furthermore, there will be footage that goes more in depth on each person’s story while providing a broader context on the genocide itself.  

While our goal is to replicate this model in different spaces, the exhibition that we are planning will incorporate elements of performance.  We will have poets deliver spoken word pieces, hip hop artists perform, people delivering speeches and people showing short documentaries through projections