Movers and Shakers is a coalition that executes direct action and advocacy campaigns for marginalized communities using virtual reality, augmented reality and the creative arts.

We live in a society whose foundation is based on a system where profit takes precedence over humanity.  The residual effects of our country's barbaric origins remain today.  In 2018, millions of people face obstacles that impede their general safety, economic independence, social mobility, and equal protection under the law.  

Our current sociopolitical climate emphasizes division.  On one side, there are large groups and institutions that feel threatened by the country's shift towards a non-Eurocentric multiculturalism as the new norm.  At the same time marginalized communities feel threatened by conservative efforts to silence their voices and deny their history.

Our coalition acknowledges the importance of focusing on the intersectionality of issues. Our vision is to accelerate the humanization of all marginalized people regardless of race, color, religion, gender, physical or mental disability, or age.

It is the goal of Movers and Shakers to merge traditional activism, powerful creative art and emerging technologies to educate the masses on institutional issues that affect marginalized communities.  We want to rewrite antiquated Eurocentric narratives that deny our history, suffering and perpetuate our struggle.